Stress reduction coach, EFT certified

Stay tuned for the new version of In Transition workshops locally (Olympia, WA). These are empowering sessions that help adults work through emotional issues and beliefs that prevent them from pursuing the work of their dreams. I've had clients walk up to me years after a workshop, thanking me for the support and consultation, and group process that led them to achieve their dreams. I began this work when I realized many people working for others disliked their jobs, and had dreams that seemed unachievable. Now I weave EFT into the mix, and once we get core issues resolved (individually) the group takes care of the rest. I combine tools and exercises with deep inquiry, spiritual connections, EFT, & group process skills.

I'm also a skilled facilitator and trainer, conflict resolution practitioner, and organization development consultant. I study with Dr Jody Gitell,at Brandeis University where I share a passion for the Relationship Coordination process and assessment tool.

I'm certified as an Intermediate Practitioner thru EFTUniverse. My formal training is in family systems, and I applied that for two decades in the healthcare industry. My experience includes facilitation, training (I continue to provide specialized Communication training to different groups) and consultation. Currently I'm providing some facilitation and training in group process for a new cooperative forming locally. My passion is a workshop series I provide, "In Transition!" where I work with 8-10 clients, each working toward defining their dream lifework. It's a fabulous journey, using art, a life mapping process, elements of Human Design, the Artist's Way, and a concept called structural tension. We have fun, support and challenge each other. Clients love this work, and I run into people years later, doing the work of their lives. Ask me about the next session. With individuals I focus on stress reduction, due to stress of all kinds. My training includes trauma training with Judith Frost, Matrix and EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Right now I have openings on Mondays and Tuesday mornings or evenings. I do provide sessions by Skype, and send you a contract explaining how my services work, an in-depth intake form, and info to get you started learning the art of "tapping." My goal is for you to use this tool and become proficient with it over time. My colleagues and I schedule Borrowing Benefits sessions as well, which I can share as we get to know each other.
In the office and at home
Mondays and Tuesdays are open, Saturdays
$90 hr, no insurance accepted
I charge $5 per hour more for credit/debit payments

Additional information on the provider:

677 Woodland Square Loop SE A-16
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