EFT for Christians

As a Christian EFT practitioner, I find that God does amazing things to heal us as we tap.

If requested by the client, I will couch EFT with Christian language, otherwise I use Clinical EFT when I tap with others.

I teach EFT, Levels 1 & 2, for EFTUniverse in Milwaukee twice a year. Check out my class schedule on my website.

I authored the book EFT for Christians, published by Energy Psychology Press, and available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, to show the Christian world that we can indeed use EFT for healing purposes.

I'm an EFT generalist & I will tap on whatever the client presents to me.

Specifically, I understand trauma, sexual trauma in particular, and do work extensively on that subject.

The main specialty of this therapist is: EFT - EMDR

EFT-INT and EFT-EXP from EFTUniverse.com - EFTUniverse Trainer/Instructor - Author of EFT for Christians - on Amazon
In the office and at home
by appointment
see my website
Paypal, cash

Additional information on the provider:

76th & Rawson


Melinda Utal-Martinez wrote on, 03-01-2016 |
Sherrie Rice Smith is one of the country's top EFT practitioners and trainers. She is also the author of the book "EFT for Christians," a 5-star reviewed top seller on Amazon. A retired Registered Nurse, Sherrie dedicated over 40 years to a nursing career, which included hospice, ER, medical/surgical, and pediatric care. She truly cares about people and about healing, and you will know that the minute you meet her.

Because of her extensive background in the medical arts and her insights into science and anatomy, and her expertise with tapping (which brings an alternative perspective to healing)--as well as her profound faith in Christianity, Sherrie's skills and perspective are truly unmatched.

If you are interested in learning EFT as a profession, or in releasing stress and old trauma from your life through private sessions, I highly recommend Sherrie. In fact, her EFT work with me and her continued sharing of insights have absolutely changed my life for the better. I have a successful EFT private practice in Los Angeles. I am deeply grateful for the support she has given me, both as a client and as a fellow practitioner. I often send clients her way and direct them to her book and her trainings through EFT Universe. She is a blessing to the EFT community.
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